Are You Injured or Are You Hurt?


Every athlete, at some point in their career, has heard a coach say, “are you injured, or are you hurt?” In Episode 10, the two host discuss the importance of student athletes maintaining good health- physically, mentally, and emotionally. The two talk about the culture of sports and how the lines between being a high achiever and taking care of yourself can sometimes be blurred. Cape and Drew both discuss some of the injuries they endured while participating in sports and the extremes they went through to try to recover as soon as possible. Cape discusses the epidemic of former athletes currently suffering financially because of previous injuries they faced in college. Drew speaks to the epidemic of athletes becoming addicted to pain pills and the unfortunate truth of athletes becoming addicted long after they have played their sport. Lastly, Cape and Drew discourse how they have transitioned from the ‘are you injured or are you hurt mentality’ and how it has made them better leaders in their professional careers.