Why Not Me

Cape and Drew are back to discuss the motto "Why Not Me!" Drew begins this episode explaining how he first heard this motto while watching a documentary on Russell Wilson. His father used to tell him growing up “why not you” whenever you doubt yourself just think, why not you! The two host take it a step further and discuss how they incorporate this mindset into their lives to date and sports has been a huge reason why they approach life this way. They then have a very transparent conversation about when they were at their lowest points with sports as far as doubting themselves and thinking if we were good enough to play at the college level. Cape explains the importance of confidence! Drew gives an example of how just like in life sometimes people want to see you down and even though you're suppose to be on the same team it happens in athletics as well. From there, they talk about their low points in the real world as far as jobs and not getting that dream job they thought they were going to land right after college and how it affected their confidence. The discussion shifts to examples of the times they started to get their confidence back once they found their purpose/passion. The two host then touch on the importance of being confident but not arrogant!