Your Struggle is a Part of Your Story

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In Episode 5, Cape and Drew acknowledge National Mental Health Awareness Month and speak to the mental health challenges that student athletes face throughout their careers and life after sports. The two host then discuss how sports is somewhat viewed by many as the only way to get to college and get out of their current situation. They began discussing how high school sports rankings became a big stressor and climbing the rankings in your state and the nation became the most important thing at the time. The two host discuss the anxiety of hoping to receive invitations to the top high school basketball camps in the country and attaining a basketball scholarship. Cape and Drew discuss how stress and anxiety impacted their performance on and off the court. From there, they talk about how coaches impact student athletes mental well being but how they are also dealing with there own pressures to win games. Drew speaks to how he got comfortable with letting the chips fall where they may because he knows he doesn’t short change himself. They both discuss the obstacles they face now and how they aren't really tough to handle simply because of their mindset. In conclusion, Cape and Drew give advice to the listeners who may be going through tough challenges and encourage them to talk to someone who can help them be pull through their situation.