Going Pro in Life

Episode 3 of the Cape & Drew Podcast speaks on shifting the mindset of going pro in sports to going pro in life! Both touch on when they realized that their dreams of making it to the NBA were no longer a reality, their immediate feelings of this realization, and their thoughts of playing professional basketball overseas. The conversation shifts to the two host explaining what their transition to life after sports was like for the first few years and Cape specifically talks about his battles with stress, wellness, and depression. The two then introduce the listeners to the concept and power of athletic identity and overcoming the challenges of reinventing yourself. Each discuss the constant let downs of going from job to job after college and not being fulfilled with their roles but then bouncing back until they found their niche and passion. From there, Drew leads a humorous conversation inspired by “if I had a nickel for every time I heard athletes say_____.” Lastly, the two give some final tips on using the transferable skills learned from participating in sports and applying them to real life scenarios.