Life After Sports Article

Life After Sports: Drew Johnson, M.Ed


Drew Johnson is a former member of the North Carolina Central University (NCCU) basketball team who, like many others, envisioned success only through becoming a professional athlete. Having knowledge of the expectations that come with being a student athlete from the intense practice schedule, the pressure to succeed, and the amount of time you allocate for your sport is what made him want to help student athletes navigate life after their eligibility is up.

Life After Sports: Julian Capel, Ed.D


Dr. Julian Capel is a former student-athlete turned scholar. His passion for mentorship and development is fueled by his own student-athlete experiences. As a former member of the basketball team at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), he understands the demanding lifestyle of being a student athlete. His time at VCU helped him realize that the probability of him pursuing a professional basketball career was unlikely. Upon this realization, he began pursuing opportunities to foster other talents outside of basketball and provide guidance for those with similar paths.

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