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Are You Touching the Lines?

Episode 2 of the Cape & Drew Podcast is full of interesting perspectives from the two host! Each of them explain the importance of doing all of the little things so that ultimately they become the big reasons why you end up being successful in your sport and in life. The two host speak on what a real day in the life of a student-athlete looks like and reference a quote by NFL football player, Richard Sherman. From there, the two host discuss being away from home for the first time as a freshman in college. Cape talks about the importance of taking advantage of sports and the college experience to help propel student-athletes to a positive life outside of sports. Drew discusses the importance of not burning bridges, networking, and how life comes full circle. Both then explain the importance of looking and dressing the part because someone is always watching, especially when you are a student-athlete. From there, Cape and Drew talk about how sports helped them develop resiliency and grit which they still use in their lives today. The two conclude the show by pushing student-athletes to do more than their sport by getting more involved in other educational opportunities and co-curricular activities that will help them long after they are playing sports.